Building a Wood Duck 12 - Glassing under the deck

Same drill as last time, just doing it to the deck, now.

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Leak-proofing the deck seams

Same as with the hull. This prevents the fillet material from dripping on the floor.

Under the deck

The deck ready for filleting & taping. Also a nice view of the underside of the hatch sill. The goo was a little messy where it seeped out, have to do something about that.

Deck seams done

Note the fillet around the hatch sill. It seals the endgrain, distributes the forces smoothly and provides a base for the underdeck glass.

Under-Deck glass

Ready for the epoxy. The single continuous piece of cloth will give maximum strength to the layup..

Under-Deck Glass II

Note how the fillet smooths the way the cloth drapes the hatch sill and deck.


All ready to have the glass trimmed out of the openings with a razor.

Page 1 - In the beginning
Page 2 - Hatching a Duck
Page 3 - Stem & stern pieces
Page 4 - Interior fillets & glass
Page 6 - Installing footbrace mounting studs
Page 7 - Building the coaming, attaching the deck
Page 8 - Exterior glass
Page 9 - Graphite bottom, invisible hatch hold-downs
Page 10 - Final outfitting

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